Welcome to Parenthesis Translation

Hello there,

My name’s Ed Callow and I run a freelance translation business called Parenthesis Translation. Here on the blog, I’ll be sharing all sorts of fascinating stories from the world of translation (and maybe a few other things too), so do stay tuned.

But first things first, we should really get to know each other. As means of an introduction, how about a confession:

I love words.

I love English words like phosphorescence, archipelago and ampersand. And I love German ones like Herbstblätterduft (the smell of autumn leaves), strabanzen (to roam) and Kopfkino (images racing through your head). I love how words can make complex concepts and technologies simple, comprehensible and alluring. How they can leap from a screen or page and implant themselves in the mind of the reader. I love the satisfaction of taking German words and finding the perfect English ones to match, and seeing those words help businesses to thrive by communicating their ideas to whole new audiences.

If you want to see how my passion for words and translation could work for you, then why not get in touch or say hello over on Twitter or LinkedIn? I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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